“The only thing your audience sees…
is what’s in your head and what’s in your heart.”


Role-playing is a part of Gary's training sessions.

What Gary’s Clients Say About Him

Here are some of the many comments by Gary's clients:

Sales Improv Training - the Next Craze in Professional Development

Ralph R of Edward Jones says, “For those of you who are considering attending Gary’s sales improv training, or if you are hearing about it for the first time, I encourage you to go. Gary introduces elements of stage direction, pantomime and performance art and transforms these elements into sales actions and behaviors. Believe me, I am no actor, but under Gary’s direction we are able to create ever changing scenes that define better communication and rapport building. As a by-product we enhance our ability to think on our feet with laser like speed! It’s uplifting and funny, and it will be the next craze in sales and professional development. Come to the next class and see for yourself.”

Gave Me a List of Things to Improve

Taylor H, of Nashville says,"I hired Gary to help me look at the little things that I miss that can sometimes make a huge difference when speaking to an audience. He was direct, which I really appreciated, and gave me a great list of things to improve on over time. I think Gary is a must for anyone who wants to improve on their speaking and presentation skills whether you are doing presenting to one person or 50,000."

Great Teacher

Marie B, of Nashville says, “A great teacher hopes to make a mark on a person's life, to bring out talent and knowledge from within. A great teacher teaches a person not merely information, but about life. Mr. Schleimer is a great teacher.”

Makes the Work Fun and Achievable

Janet, Senior Vice President says, “Gary Schleimer uses years of experience and training to accelerate the skills and increase the confidence of clients to be their best in presentations, interviews and other critical interactions. He has high expectations but he makes the work fun and achievable. I recommend Gary for anyone who wants to improve communication skills for both prepared and impromptu interactions in their business and personal life.”

Quickly Identified Weak Areas

Tia, Account Executive at a radio station says, “Gary is diligent about getting to know his clients on an individual level, meticulously uncovering their needs, and then tailoring a program to fit those needs. For me, he quickly identified weak areas in my presentation skills and recognized a need to fine tune my time management skills. Throughout our sessions , Gary taught me ways to optimize and more efficiently spend my time so I can focus more of my attention on serving my clients and increasing my sales. We also worked on taking my presentation skills from mediocre to dexterous. Now, I step into a room with confidence knowing that I can successfully captivate the attention of my audience and give a compelling presentation. Gary’s attention to detail and natural ability to teach others make him an asset to any sales organization. It's always been a personal and professional goal of mine to keep three mentors at all times. Now, I keep four.”

Polished And Exceptional Public Speaker

George, owner of a promotions firm, says “Gary is a very polished and exceptional public speaker! I have had the opportunity to work personally with Gary. He has helped me improve my presentation skills, self confidence and verbal/non verbal communications in settings from my elevator speech to full on presentations. Any organization would do well to hire him as a trainer to help motivate and educate its employees. I am happy to recommend my friend, Gary!”

Step-by-step Guidance

Colin, a consultant in online marketing and business development, says, “Passionate and engaging, that's what I thought of Gary when I first meet him. I had the pleasure of working with Gary to improve my presentation, verbal and non verbal communication skills. Gary was able to quickly identify several areas that he can help me improve. We worked on those specific areas which I can change immediately in order to be a more impactful presenter. Gary guided me through step-by-step training exercise to improve my verbal communications skills. I was able to see improvement during my first presentation following our training.”

His Passion is Contagious

Brian, of Nashville, says, “I absolutely endorse Gary's refreshing approach to coaching interpersonal communication. I would highly recommend him for your sales team or company. His vision is unorthodox and his passion is contagious. He has helped sharpen my skill set as well as cause me to get in touch with my true authentic self. I've been sincerely challenged to become a better businessman, family man and fellow worker. You won't be disappointed as Gary holds up the mirror to give you an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses.”

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